Civil Rights Essay Due 4/23/18

April 22, 2018 by kbarrett11

In developing your answer, be sure to keep these general definitions in mind: (a) describe means “to illustrate something in words or tell about it” (b) discuss means “to make observations about something using facts, reasoning, and argument; to present in some detail”


Major historical events are often referred to as turning points because they have led to important political, social, and economic changes.

After watching the movie The Butler, what do you think is the most important event that Cecil witnesses while working in the White House?  Why?  What were the political, social, or economic changes that resulted from the event?



In your essay, be sure to:

  • Develop all aspects of the task
  • Support the theme with many relevant facts, examples, and details
  • Use a logical and clear plan of organization, including an introduction and a conclusion that are beyond a restatement of the theme


  • Reminder: This essay should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
  • This will count as a test grade.